How to Start a Home Based Business 
Everything you need to set up and to start taking advantage of the tax benefits of a home-based business.
How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early 
Learn how to pay off your mortgage in 7-10 years and pay less in interest, all without making extra payments.
How to Increase Your Personal Credit Score in 90 Days
Fast and easy steps to increase and maximize your credit score. Learn how the scoring model works, and how to leverage your accounts for the best results. Unlike what Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman say, credit is vital in today’s society. I can teach you how to build credit while staying out of consumer debt.



FREE VIP Credit Repair (up to 3 items) 
Our team of experts will create a custom dispute strategy for up to 3 accounts. Disputing based on consumer protection laws to get inaccurate, obsolete, and unverifiable items removed from your credit report with our free and aggressive credit repair program.
6 Months Credit Monitoring
We will set you up with and pay for your first 6 months of Credit Monitoring through
The subscription covers a full detailed 3 bureau report each month, a necessary tool during the repair.

$500 enrollment fee and $125 per deletion.
Call for Financing 800-475-7267

Worry-free price guarantee. 

If in the 12 months after purchasing the course and after applying what you have learned, you have not seen a reduction of at least $1000 in your taxes, and an increase in your credit score we will issue a full refund. Proof of implementation will be required. 

All packages can be financed for up to 3 years. Guaranteed approval regardless of credit history. 12 months, same as cash*