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The tax code may look complicated, but if you know it inside-out, then you’ll know how to make it work for you! In this episode, Rondi Lambeth talks about taxes and how familiarity with the tax code will help you pay less on your taxes. He gives a few tips on real estate and investment taxes and passes out a few tricks on capital gains taxes too. Finally, Rondi shares a great business opportunity with his loyal listeners. A great episode to listen to, especially for people wanting to maximize their investments and savings.

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Taking Advantage Of The Tax Code: Pay Less, Make More

On the show, we’re going to talk about taxes. Outside of credit, helping people making more money, I would rather talk about how to save money on taxes than any other subject. I’m weird like that. I was at in my Ed Mylett’s house in Palm Desert in La Quinta. It was a $40 million house. He said that the guy that built it spent $45 million to $50 million. I’m not saying that Ed did not say the truth on that, that’s what the guy told him. It has this 700-foot-long water feature and all the rock for the water feature, the pool, the ponds and the house was brought in from Montana. The guy that built it bought an entire town in Montana so he could bulldoze the mountain for the rock and had it shipped to Palm Desert to build this amazing house. Who knows how much that costs but it was pretty cool. My favorite part was the water feature in the backyard. My second favorite part would be the basement. It had a large movie theater room. It was cool how it was set up, it got me thinking about how I want to do mine.

When I was there, I started talking to people about taxes and I realized how excited I got when I talked about taxes. That’s how all that plays into this conversation. I got excited about it. I like talking about tax. I like helping people like you reduce your tax burden because it is by far the largest expense that we’ll ever have in life. It’s your responsibility and my responsibility to learn the tax code. Our current tax code is over 40,000 pages. The people that are lazy or don’t want you to know the code because they want you to pay more taxes AKA the politicians will say how unfair it is, how confusing it is and we need to go to a flat tax because it’s so difficult to understand these 40,000-plus pages of tax code. Here’s the thing. It’s 40,000 pages of how you can legally pay less. Do you know there are only 40 pages total of the entire 40,000-plus pages of tax code that’s charging you more? It’s literally 99.99% how to pay less, you do the math. 40 pages out of 40,000, what’s the percentage on that? Let’s do the math. 10% would be 4000%, 1% would be 400 so 40 would be 1/10 of 1%. 99% of all the tax code is how you can save money. It is not complicated.

Someone posted, “It’s like I’m listening to Tom Wheelwright.” I wish I was as smart as Tom but I can tell you this. I’ve read the book twice. Tom is an extremely smart dude. If you guys don’t know who he is, check out the book Tax-Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright. He’s Robert Kiyosaki’s tax professional. That’s how I found out about him. It is posted on my Instagram page as one of the recommended books that I recommend every single business owner get because it’s not about how much money you make at the end of the day that matters the most, it’s how much you save. Let’s talk about taxes and how the tax code works. The 99.99% of tax code is written to teach you how to pay less. It’s not your tax preparer’s job, not your tax professional, not your CPA, not your bookkeeper’s responsibility. It is your responsibility and my responsibility to understand tax codes. Let’s get into it.

Do you know there are only 40 pages in total of the entire 40,000 plus pages of tax code that’s charging you more?

Doing What The Government Wants

How does it work? It’s simple. If you do what the government wants you to do, you pay no taxes. That’s it. Do what the government wants you to do. No tax. What does that mean? The government wants people to start businesses to provide jobs for the folks that don’t want to start a business, for the folks that want to work 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. The government wants people to start businesses that will stop global warming. They want businesses to start that provide clean and efficient energy for housing. They want people to start businesses to provide jobs. They can’t provide all the jobs. As our population grows, we need more businesses. They don’t care what business it is. All businesses get to write off pretty much the same things. Some businesses get the write-off more but it’s rare. An energy business gets a couple of other tax credits that you and I might not get like gas, oil drilling, stuff like that.

The government figured something out a long time ago. In 1942, did you know our tax rate was 92%? Think about that. You go to work, you make $20 an hour, you worked five hours, you made $100 bucks. You have to pay the government $92 and you get to keep $8. That is how the higher tax bracket has been in the past. Now you’re thinking, “That’ll never happen now.” Move to California. Start a business in California, you’re at 50% to 70% tax bracket right now in California. It’s insane but it was 92%. The government, entrepreneurs and business owners started revolting because prior to that, only business owners pay taxes.

Did you know that? If you went to work for Ford, for example. Ford started a business. He created a system to make lots of cars on a conveyor belt. Mr. Benz from Germany created the very first automobile, as in Mercedes-Benz and then Ford made the first assembly line to make automobiles. Ford paid the income tax. The employees never paid income tax. That all changed at the end of World War II, they started taxing employees. Fast forward, it’s the employees that pay almost all income tax. Business owners hardly paying anything at all. Why? Because they’re doing what the government wants them to do. They started a business, it provides jobs. You start a business and provide jobs, you don’t pay taxes. At least a little bit less.

Another way you can legally pay fewer taxes is to invest where the government wants you to invest like in gold mines, oil, solar, fracking and natural gas. How it works is, let’s say there’s an oil drilling rig in Texas and Joe Biden’s screwed this up but prior to Sleepy Joe getting in the office and screwing things up, let’s say you had $10,000 to invest. You could loan the $10,000 or invest the $10,000 with an oil drilling company depending on the deal but sometimes you get as much as 100% tax credit, not a tax deduction. You invest $10,000, you get a $10,000 tax credit. What does tax credit mean? A tax credit is cash. If you get a $10,000 tax credit and you file your taxes and you don’t own anything, they send you $10,000 in a refund. They’re like earned income credit.

SOW 20 | Tax Code

Tax Code: It’s your responsibility to learn the tax code. The people that are lazy or don’t want you to know the code want you to pay more taxes, AKA the politicians will say how unfair it is and how confusing it is.


I remember I used to earn in an income credit when I made $22,000 a year and I had a wife and three kids, I was in poverty. We were on WIC. We got our government cheese, we had food stamps, we got our KIX. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re lucky because the stuff tasted like cardboard. We got our eggs, cheese and milk. The kids’ mom used to go get it. I got earned income credit. What was that? At the end of the year, you file your taxes. You get all the money you paid in back plus a check. That’s earned income credit. The same thing works if you invest, you get a tax credit, different than a tax deduction. You invest $10,000 and the oil driller hits the oil. Let’s say you make a 100% return, you already got $10,000 back in cash. You invested $10,000, the IRS gave you a $10,000 credit so you got all your money back. It made a little bit of money, now you pay a little bit of taxes but not very much on that $10,000. In fact, you’ll pay between 0% and 20% in total. Let’s say you hit the top. You invest $10,000. You get your $10,0000 back plus you make another $10,0000 and when it’s all said and done, you made $18,000 off that one investment total. You will never see that in any other investment.

Real Estate Is The Real Deal

Why does the government do that? Because they want you to invest in oil. How else can you do it? Real estate. Somebody says, “1031 exchange and other great examples of how to get the government out and help you out.” If you invest in real estate, the government will make it to where you don’t have to pay taxes or you pay less. Why? We talked about businesses. The government needs you to start a business to employ people. They reward you with tax credits, deductions and all kinds of incentive programs. They’ll even pay you to hire certain types of people. They will pay that person’s wage in many cases. They want you to start businesses to provide jobs, they want you to invest in oil and renewable energy. Third, they want you to provide housing for those employees so they have somewhere clean, safe and affordable.

That’s what I buy. I buy apartment complexes. In fact, I got one right now under contract. If you guys have ever wanted to be in the apartment business, we are looking for investors. Send me a DM, Instagram, Facebook or email If you’re interested in learning more about how you could partner with me on our upcoming $20 million apartment complex that we have under contract for $15 million. It’s appraised at $20 million, we have it under contract for $15 million. We got $5 million built-in equity already, completely cashflows.

The guy that owns is 85 years old. He just wants his money to get out. He’s tired. He reached out to us, we got the money. Do you want to partner with this? Send me a DM. I’ll send you the PPM and a couple of questions. Depending on how you answered the question will determine if you get into the first round or the second round because there are some requirements in there. I can’t talk about it. Don’t ask me what the interest rate is and stuff. I can tell you what we paid for our past deals. We paid 12% and higher, almost guaranteed. You invest $100,000, you get back 12% a year for five years, that’s $60,000 in return. You invest $100,000, in the past is what happened. People would invest $100,000, they’ve received back $160,000 and then most people roll it into the next deal.

According to the Rule of 72, which is what Albert Einstein created, it has to do with compound interest like the Rule of Gravity, which tells you how long it will take to double your money. When you get 12% interest, it only takes about six years to double your money. It doubles every six years. Versus if you have a savings account, it takes 42,000 years to double. A lot of that money is tax-free. If you provide housing for people, you essentially can make your money tax-free. When you go to leave, you do a 1031 exchange. What is that? It’s how you push your taxes down the road. You kick the can down the road. Here’s how it works. A 1031 exchange, when you have one property and decide you want to sell it, as long as you buy this property that you named upfront, “I’m going to take this one and sell it. I’m going to buy this one.” As long as you buy this one and it costs more than this one, it’s tax-free.

99.99% of the tax code is written to teach you how to pay less. And it’s our responsibility to understand it.

Let’s break this down. You got a house and let’s say it’s a single-family rental and it’s about $200,000. You buy a $200,000 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage, in the neighborhood, you put renters in there, you keep it for five years. In five years, it’s worth $400,000. You made $200,000. You can sell it and pay approximately 20% because of its capital gains. Long-term capital gains, which are the lowest tax you will ever pay in your life depending on how much money you make. You made $200,000 so you’re going to take 20% under Trump’s plan. Biden is trying to make that 40% to 60%. We’ll see if Sleepy Joe can push that through. I don’t think he will. You make $200,000, you can pay $40,000 in tax right then and there or you can do a 1031 exchange. As long as you spend another $500,000 or $400,000 so you bought it for $200,000, you sold it for $400,000, you need to buy something for at least 400,000.

Let’s say you buy a $500,000 house. This one’s a little bit nicer. This one’s on the beach in Florida. Yes, you can buy houses in Florida on the water for $500,000. You decided to go from Missouri to Florida and it gets you a nice house, not too far from the water, Disneyland and Daytona. Perfect location, $500,000. You put your renters in it, five years go by, it’s now worth $1 million. You do it 1031 but you decide, “I don’t want the beach anymore. I don’t want the water, the humidity, the alligators and the bugs. I want to move to Montana. I’m retired now. I want a ranch and raise alpacas in Montana.” You sell this beach house for $1 million. As long as you buy a $1 million ranch in Montana that is going to make you money, it doesn’t have to be a single-family home. They say it has to be property but it has to be something that is an investment property, that you’re going to make money. You buy this ranch for $1 million then it gets your alpacas and stuff on there.

That $1 million is 100% tax-free. Your basis is $200,000. What’s a basis? The basis is how much you started with. Remember we started with the $200,000 home, traded it for a $500,000 home, which we then traded for a $1 million home. Our basis is $200,000, our sales price is $1 million. That’s $800,000 at 20% interest because it’s long-term capital gains, you’re going to pay $160,000 in tax unless you do a 1031 exchange. If you do the 1031 exchange, tax-free.

How Much Do You Pay?

You’re up to $1 million. Here’s the beauty of this. You’re like, “I’ve been working hard, I want to retire and I want to move into that alpaca ranch in Montana.” You move into it, you start running it and you manage it. If you live there for 2 years out of 5 years, it is your primary residence. You can sell it and you don’t have to do a 1031 exchange. There are some things you got to do in there so make sure you talk to a tax professional. Here’s what else you can do with real estate that you can’t do with mutual funds and stocks. Let’s say that along the way, when you buy the $500,000 home in Orlando that you decided, “I’ve been working so hard. I want a Porsche. There’s a nice Porsche I can get for $100,000 but I don’t want to make the payments on the Porsche, I just want to drive it.” Here’s what you do. You get a line of credit on that $500,000 Florida beach house or a refinance on the mortgage, you pull $100,000 out.

How much do you pay in tax if you pull that out to go buy your Porsche? What do you think the tax rate is when you pull equity out of a rental property? What percentage? 5%, 10%, 20%, I told you that long-term capital gains are the lowest percentage of 20%. Is it 50% tax to pull the money out of the rental property or is it more? Show me what you think the tax rate is to pull that money out of that rental property that you have not paid any tax on you. I haven’t even talked about depreciation yet. I’m going to get. Someone says, “Under 2%.” What else do you guys think? Ten percent? Eighteen percent? We’re getting somewhere. Greg Shepard from says 0%. Dave Smitten says 15%. Edna says 3.7%. Billy Bishop says 28%.

Let me ask you a question. If you go and you use your credit card and go to an ATM and take that credit card and you put it in the ATM and you say withdraw cash when you pull out the most average amount, which is $20, which I never understood why people will pay $2, $3 to pull $20 out. Mind-blowing but they do. You put that ATM with the credit card into the machine, type it in, $20, pull it out. You get $20 in cash. How much do you pay in tax for that $20 that you pulled out of the ATM on your credit card? You got a cash advance on the credit card. How much did you pay in tax? Not fees, tax. How much did you pay an income tax for pulling out the $20? Somebody says 30%. I love your answer Coleen from Facebook but it is not 30%, 10%, 28%, 3% or 1.57%. Ernesto from YouTube is correct. It is 0%. Debt is not taxed. It is not income, it is debt. I want you to understand that. You don’t pay income tax on debt. I want you to think about that. You only pay tax on income.

Let’s break this down. You buy a house for $200,000. You keep it, do it 1031 and buy a beach house for $500,000. When you buy the beach house, you decide, “I want a convertible Porsche so I can drive my Porsche around but I don’t want to pay for it. I am going to pull $100,000 of equity out of this property and I’m going to go buy a Porsche with it.” When you pull the money out, who’s paying back the loan? The renters. They pay the loan back via rent that pays for the mortgage and potentially could be tax-deductible. Think about that. You got a house tax-free, you got tenants paying off the loan, you’re driving a convertible Porsche now, free and you’re getting to write-off the interest off of your W-2 income. Why wouldn’t anybody want to change the system? Why would anybody want a flat tax? It is mind-boggling. When people say, “We need a flat tax. We need something fairer,” no, we don’t. This is available for anybody in America. It doesn’t matter your sex, race, religion, how much money you make, what your credit looks like, none of these matters. Everyone can do this. You just need to know how. That’s why you need to understand the tax code.

It gets so much better. You get to do depreciation because the government knows that you as the investor, you’re risking a lot. You’re risking your credit, your money and your name, it’s a lot. You don’t just buy a house and someone moves in and they take perfect care of it unless you get a tenant like me, I take pretty good care of my house even though I don’t own this one but I treat it like it is mine. Most tenants don’t do that. The government says, “We know the tenants are going to tear up the carpet. We know you’re going to have to fix some holes. We know you’re eventually going to have to replace the furnace, the water heater. You’re going to have to bring in a plumber. Someone’s going to break the dishwasher. We know this. Therefore, we’re going to let you depreciate the cost of the entire home.” All of it. It is a 100% tax deduction.

The government, as long as you do what they want you to do, makes you pay little to no taxes.

How does that work? You buy this $500,000 home in Florida. The land is worth $100,000 because land doesn’t depreciate. It’s the same value, it doesn’t go bad unless humans screw up the land and unless we lived in parts of Southern California, Cardiff and it falls into the ocean but that’s a side point. You buy this $500,000 house and you do it on a $200,000 house, I do it on the $20 million apartment complex that we’re buying. We get to ride the whole damn thing off. We got a $20 million write-off. A $500,000 house, you buy it, you take the land, subtract the land from the purchase price. The land is worth $100,000. Therefore, the house is worth $400,000. You take that and divide it by 25, that is your depreciation. Whatever 25 goes into 40, that is your depreciation. You do the math on it. In fact, let me do it for you. I want to tell you because we’re going to break down the numbers. I should have known this before but I didn’t. We do $400,000 divided by 25 years, that’s $16,000 a year write-off.

Outside of the great recession and the great depression, when is the last time a $500,000 house went down in value by $16,000 a year? When did it go down in value? Think about the market. If you bought a house in Florida now, would it be worth $16,000 less in 2022? No, it’s going to be worth about $80,000 more. Why do you get to depreciate it? Because the government has given you a bonus. It literally comes off your taxes, your W-2 income, which means there’s now $16,000 of income that you can make from your day job that you don’t have to pay any taxes on. I could do hours on this subject but I wanted you to see that. I want you to see that if you learn the tax code, you get to do all this stuff. When you move into it, when you decide to retire, when it’s an alpaca ranch, you lived there for five years and then the whole damn thing’s a write-off. You can sell the $1 million ranch for $1.5 million, take the cash out, no tax whatsoever and go buy you a $500,000 beach house back in Florida because you’re tired of the snow. You move back, paid cash and now you have $1 million dollars sitting in the bank that you can invest in whatever. That is how the tax code works.

Someone says, “Twenty percent over five years if you cost segregated.” What you do on cost seg is you pay an engineering firm to come in and like, “I’m sitting here in my studio looking around, there’s two light switches, a vent, a light switch over there and up there. I get to write off all of that through cost segregation instantly. That’s why when we buy these apartment complexes, these $ 20 million apartments, we might get a $10 million tax deduction and then another $1 million for the next ten years with cost segregation but I didn’t want to get too far in the weeds with that but it’s amazing. Let’s back up a little bit on business.

A Business Opportunity

That was the first thing I talked about. The government, as long as you do what they want you to do, you pay little to no taxes or you pay less for sure. It’s so you know because I talked about all the time that I have not paid personal income tax in years. It’s true. I, me, Rondi Lambeth have not paid personal income tax in over a decade. My company, Fortress, pays my personal income tax. Why shouldn’t it? It’s the one creating all the income. This 2021, I paid my tax. I’m essentially a 3% tax bracket. Not 70%, not 53%. Why am I 3%? Because I understand how the tax code works and what the government wants me to do. If I do it, the government rewards me. I buy apartments, I hire people. I hire people that other people don’t want to hire. I invest in things the government wants me to invest in. Therefore, I pay 3% taxes when the average person in America pays 30% to 50%. Is that fair? Do you think it’s fair that I only have to pay 3% taxes and you’re paying 30% to 50%?

SOW 20 | Tax Code

Tax Code: Now fast forward, 70 years, it’s the employees that pay almost all income tax. Business owners hardly pay anything at all. They just don’t, why? Because they’re doing what the government wants them to do.


It’s totally fair. Do you know why it’s fair? Because you can do the exact same thing. The playing field is level. Everybody can get in and do this. I’m not doing anything crazy. I’m not doing any research and development credits. I’m not loaning money to solar companies or nuclear power plants. I’m not doing anything exotic. I’m just doing basic things and I’m in a 3% tax bracket. I can get exotic and I could make it a 0% tax bracket but I don’t want to go to 0%. Eventually, I will but because when you get exotic like that, it increases the likelihood to be audited. I’m trying to buy a house, I’m willing to pay 3% taxes to get a VA loan at 0% down. I’m moving stuff around. I provide jobs for people and that’s how I can legally pay little to no income tax. If I told you how much I paid, you would be shocked. People that work for me at $15, $20 an hour pay more tax than I do. Way more, ten times more percentage than I do. It’s completely fair because every single one of them can do it.

Fortress is hiring. We’re hiring part-time and full-time. Why am I hiring? Because the government is giving $7,500 credits out for any business that hires right now. Credit, not a deduction. I get cash. That’s one reason I’m hiring. Number two, our company’s growing. It’s expanding and I need to hire. It’s a bonus that the government is going to give me money, which then I’m going to turn that around and make it some bonuses and stuff and some fun competitions and contests for my employees. I’m not going to take all that money and spend it on myself. We’re growing so we need more people. Here’s the thing. If you join our company via sales because you want to help people, there’s no limit to how much money you can make. You can make nothing or $2 million a year. We have people in our company at Ed’s house. Ed’s worth almost $700 million. He made the money in the company like what I’m involved in. His neighbor across the street is Justin Bieber. Next to him is Tim Cook, as in Apple CEO. The other neighbor is Phil Knight, as in the guy that created Nike. Behind him is Tom Brady and next to Tom Brady is Adele. This guy is in the same business that I’m hiring for. How does that help you?

If you join my team, you’re setting up your own business and I’m going to hire you as a contractor. By hiring you as a contractor, you’re a home-based business owner. You work at home, I provide you the leads, you call my leads and you do what we teach you to do, you can make anywhere from nothing to several million dollars a year helping people with money, credit and taxes. You don’t need to know everything all at once. We will train you as you go. I’m hiring for that. If you’re interested in that, we have part-time and full-time positions. I don’t care about either one. If you want to be part-time, cool, we’ll make you part-time. You got some time things that you got to do some stuff, you want to be full-time, cool. Give me full-time.

In a very short timeframe, how much you make a month, you could make that in a few days. You could literally make what you make in a year in my business, as my business partner in a month. It’s realistic. You’re like, “I make $50,000 a year and you make $50,000 a month?” Talk about compounding how that Rule of 72 is going to work and how the doubles are going to stack up. If you worked a little bit harder than everybody else and you started making $100,000 a month, there’s a lot of people in our business that are partners with me that make over $100,000 dollars a month.

When I say a month, people start freaking out and they think all this is an MLM. Fortress is not an MLM. I do pay my employees bonuses if they recommend somebody that joins my company. I also pay them if they get five-star reviews on Google, I pay them extra for that. I pay them for whoever makes the most amount of phone calls in a week. They get extra for that. I pay people based on how many minutes they spend on the phone because I don’t want them to be in a rush when my clients call in. I want them to spend as much time on the phone as the client wants and I want the client to say, “I got to go. Thank you so much for all the time but I got to go,” because I’m paying them bonuses. That doesn’t make me an MLM so take that out of your mind. When I say monthly, I could say yearly but it’s hard for people to comprehend.

If you invest in real estate, the government will make it to where you don’t have to pay taxes or you pay less.

If you’re interested in joining my team, you want to see how our program works and you want to see our worldwide corporate expansion plan. Join me. I’m going to share with you how you can become a business partner with me, how you can start out part-time, full-time, whatever your schedule is going to allow, how you can start making money and how you can get the same deductions that I get. You can write off your cars, your homes, your travel, your first class, your vacations, your food, your cell phone, sometimes your clothing, sometimes your kids, you can write off their college education. Do you know that you can pay your kids a thousand dollars a month tax-deductible for you, tax-free for them? Think about that.

I had three kids. When my kids were growing up, I never give my kids allowances. At least, I don’t remember I’ve ever given them an allowance. I made my kids buy their own clothes and their own groceries and pay for their own lunch at school. You’re thinking, “You’re an asshole. You’re a horrible parent.” Do you know why I did that? They were all on salary. I got to pay them $1,000 a month times 3 so my business was able to take $3,000 a month, $36,000 a year, put it in my checking account and when we went and bought groceries, the kids were essentially paying for the groceries. One hundred percent legit. You can do that if you have a small home-based business or any business. Could you set up an IRA for them now? Yes. Set up a Roth IRA, put $1,000 a year into it. You’d be surprised what compounding interest will do for a five-year-old over 65 years or 50 years. It’s shocking how fast that money grows.

SOW 20 | Tax Code

Tax Code: Another way you can legally pay less taxes is to invest where the government wants you to invest like in gold mines, oil, solar, fracking, natural gas, et cetera.


You can do that. I’m going to explain to you later on how you can do that. Think about if you’ve got little kids, let’s say you joined my company and you’re like, “I can only work part-time. I can give you five hours a week.” Cool. You make $1,000 a month. You’re never going to get rich off $1,000 a month. What if you had three kids and you paid them $1,000 a month out of your paycheck from your W-2 job, you’re losing $36,000 a year and you’re in a 50% tax bracket? That’s $18,000 that you are not paying on taxes plus the $1,000 a month you work with me. That’s $30,000 a year more. That’s $2,500 a month through the tax savings and a little bit of money from me. What if you made $5,000 a month and you got the $3,000 a month write-off? See how that works. You don’t have to go out and make $1 million to make this work, you just got to do it the right way. A lot of the things that you spend money on now could be classified as a business expense.

If you want to learn how you can join my company part-time or full-time, we are hiring. Go to to register you for the upcoming one because I’m going to be hiring a lot. Our company’s growing worldwide. I’ve been a little quiet about it but it’s now starting to grow fast. We’re going to be hiring a lot of people. That ends the show, I’ll open it up for Q&A. Who’s got some questions for me?

Kevin from YouTube says, “Morgan helped me signup for Fortress and found out we share the same birthday.” Who does? You and Morgan or me? You and Morgan probably share the same birthday. Frank Taylor from YouTube says he does think it’s fair that you pay a lower tax rec because congress has permitted it. Exactly. It’s completely fair. If you don’t like it, move to Venezuela, Canada, Russia or China. I don’t know if China has taxes. I heard they got a great retirement plan. I’m going to wrap it up and remind you if you want to learn how you can join my company, become business partners with me and how our global expansion is working and what we’re doing, you can go to that website to learn more about it. Thanks for being on. I’ll see you.

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